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If you're looking to make money on photography, Byrd is your perfect partner.

With Byrd, you don’t have to worry about promoting or negotiating with clients. We take care of all that. As a photographer on Byrd, you can either choose to respond to news assignments or be the one who breaks a news story. You can also get a booking request from one of our many clients.

Upload once. Sell to multiple.

With Byrd, you can earn money from your photos and videos multiple times.

No administration. No fuzz.

We take care of the admin stuff for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

Your sales. Your money.

Stay up-to-date on all your sales and cash out whenever you want.

We protect your material.

Don't worry about licensing — we got that covered.

Byrd Breaking

With Byrd Breaking, you get to cover various news events.

It can be either you breaking a news story and simply share it on Byrd or you can respond to a photo assignment from the media.

Your content can also be sold to many different news agencies. You get paid for each sale you make. 

Byrd Booking

Our Byrd Booking feature lets you cover a range of different photo and/or video tasks.

Byrd Booking comes in many shapes and forms - everything from portrait, events, press conferences to in-dept videos.

As a photographer, you get paid for by the hour.

Byrd Live

With Byrd Live you make sure our clients can enjoy high quality live streaming.

We have previously sold material to

Start by browsing a bit around, make sure that you are familiar with the app, and get some inspiration from the other photographers. Your profile is your portfolio, so make sure that you always upload the best of the best.
- Steven Knap, Chief Photographer

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