Thoughts and news from the Byrd HQ

May 2019

Feature in focus: Story categories

We figured it was time to straighten out our different feeds. So here is a very quick rundown of what differs the three different feeds.
March 2019

Feature in focus: Non-exclusive versus exclusive license

Photo licenses can be tricky sometimes to understand. So today, we’ll rule out the differences between non-exclusive and exclusive license.
February 2019

Feature in focus: Headline and description

A good photo or video needs a good caption - that just goes without saying. Here are some pointers in how to nail a good caption using a headline and a description.
February 2019

Feature in focus: Getting paid

Let’s be honest here - one of the best part of Byrd is probably getting paid. Here is what you need to do in order to get your money.
January 2019

Feature in focus: Assignments

A major feature of the Byrd app is our assignment function. This is where media communicate with our users and simply ask photographers for specific content. Here is more information about assignments on Byrd and how to do them well.
December 2018

Feature in focus: Albums

Yes, it has been around for a few months now but we figured we’d let the light shine on one of our most popular features - the album function! Just follow these very easy steps and you’ll ace it.
July 2018

Introducing Story Snipping

Let us introduce to you... Story snipping! With this feature, you can now record before, during and after the event - all in one video. That means you can capture more of a story and really make sure that you record the perfect moment that is otherwise hard to predict.
May 2017

Byrd's photographers will now be even better protected against copyright infringement

Byrd now cooperates with the legal company Not Allowed. The company is specialised in copyright infringement. In cases where the company is involved in Scandinavia, Byrd’s photographers will get a considerable discount.
February 2017

How user-generated content has changed news coverage forever

The tsunami that hit fourteen Asian countries in 2004, the story of Captain Chesley Sullenberger who in 2009 safely steered an Airbus 320 to ditch in the Hudson River and the Arab Spring which began in 2010 are three very different stories. But all of them had a huge impact on newsrooms all over the world.
February 2017

Making sure things are what they appear

The more eyes and ears on the ground the better. But in the age of fake news and in the age of social media it’s hard to tell who speaks the truth.
January 2017

Ethics and the high horse

We think ethics is important. That's our high horse. If we can all agree on ethics and a few basic rules, the playing field will be wide open.


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