Meet the team

Get to know us a little better

It's fair to say the founders of Byrd know each other pretty well. They all attended the same highschool. Morten and Mikkel are brothers and Christian has known them both since first grade.

Christian Nicolai Thiesen

Chief Technology Officer

Christian Thiesen used to be a digital business developer in Copenhagen Airports. He's our technological wizard who builds and designs Byrd.

"My job was to accelerate our digital business and growth hack my way into results. As a digital business developer i was a part of everything from strategy to building and execution of our products."

Fun fact: Back in the day, Christian played a MMORPG game called Ultima Online. With his mage whose alias was "Barb Wire", he dominated the European servers until the day he was hacked and all of his possessions were stolen, including a castle at Buccaneer’s Den. He never returned to Ultima Online.

Mikkel Westphal Stephensen

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Mikkel Westphal Stephensen has a journalistic background. He's primarily working on marketing, concept and communications.

"I've spent five years at Danish Broadcasting Corporation as a tv-reporter for the evening news. Through the years I've covered politics, economics, foreign and domestic news. It was the itch of always dealing with locating and verifying user-generated content that planted the seeds for Byrd"

Fun fact: Mikkel has a tattoo of his favourite band, Blink-182. So does two of his friends. Like girlfriends in a bad teen movie they all got them at the same time.

Morten Westphal Stephensen

Chief Executive Officer

Morten Westphal Stephensen is an experienced project manager and media advisor. His main focus is the business side of things.

"I've been working with large commercial news organizations and in the political sphere where I helped develop and set the terms for media outlets."

Fun fact: In the 90's Morten had very long hair. He has gotten many haircuts since then but he kept his ponytail in a picture frame and still has it at his house. He doesn't have any other hair framed though.