Competitive and very reasonable prices that suit any organization regardless of size.

Non-exclusive content

Get the content you need without worrying about rights and costs

The prices are picked Byrd based on flat-rates, and license rights are perpetual.


Non-exclusive Photos cost €25, Videos cost €50 and Albums cost €50. 

You can only use the content as many times and as long as you like.
There are no royalty payments and no archiving restrictions.


Editorial use only.

No cure, no pay

Pay for usage, not access

Everything we think, mock-up and build at Byrd has to meet two criteria:

Desirability - it's nice to use
Simplicity - it's easy to use

This rule of thought goes for prices too.

With Byrd, you only pay for what you use. We are confident in our users and our product. 95 % of assignments posted on Byrd lead to at least one sale. But if you can not find what you are looking for, you should not pay. We believe in no cure, no pay.

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Exclusive content

Get the content your competitors wish they had picked up

The photographer picks the price, and license rights are exclusive in your country for 12 months.


Exclusive Photos and Videos range from €100 to €10.000.


You can use the content as many times as you like for one year, but after this, you will have to license the content again for additional use. 

Editorial use only.

Frequently asked question
Can I get a discount?
If you are looking for an Enterprise solution, shoot us an email at and we will see what we can do.
Can Byrd provide content in my country?
We are expanding and growing constantly and have users on all continents. There is a good chance we have users in your country too. Please reach out to us at and we can provide some more information.
Can I be sure that I am the sole buyer for exclusive content?
Only content that is either shot through the Byrd app and does not exist anywhere else or has been provided by a verified and vetted user can be sold on exclusive terms.
Can I use Byrd content for commercial purposes?
If you need content for commercial use, please send us an email with your needs to

Media on Byrd

Our clients are news media, digital publishers, and magazines. We work with those who need it done by yesterday and those who work long deadlines.