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General Questions

Q: What is Byrd?

A: Byrd is an app and a web platform where anybody can sell their photos and videos to media. Through the smartphone application, photographers can receive assignments and upload newsworthy stories. Through the web application, journalists discover and purchase photos and videos, create assignments and send messages to the photographers.

Q: Who can use Byrd?

A: As long as you're minimum 18 years old, have an iPhone and a bank account you can use Byrd.

Q: Is the Byrd app free?

A: Absolutely, you can download the Byrd app from the App store for free.

Q: Which platform is Byrd available on?

A: The smartphone application is currently available only on iOS devices BUT an Android version is on its way. The web application, that is used by the media, is available on every browser. However, for Internet Explorer, it is required to use version 8.0 or a newer one.

Q: Why can't I install the app/get Byrd to work?

A: Byrd is a work in progress, so you might encounter a few bugs and errors. We're experiencing some issues with iPhone 5 that we are working on.

  1. Make sure your iOS is up to date.

  2. Make sure you allow Byrd to access your location. You can disable this later if you wish, but the application won't work proper without access to your location.

  3. Make sure your password matches. As of now the warning messages are not quite functioning.

Q: How do I contact Byrd for support?

A: For technical support please write us on [email protected].


For the photographers

Q: How do I become a Byrd photographer?

A: Download the Byrd application from the App Store on your iOS device and follow the sign-up instructions. Click here to download Byrd for iOS

Q: What happens to the photos and videos I upload to Byrd?

A: Everything you upload to Byrd is for sale - whether it comes from your library or you've shot it through the in-app camera. All content on the platform is protected by a watermark and is safe from theft.

Q: Is there a limit to how many photos and videos I can upload?

A: No there's no limit. You can upload as much content as you wish. 

Q: What can I NOT upload to Byrd?

A: The content uploaded or shot with Byrd must be your own original creation. The Content must not infringe any intellectual property rights nor can it contain privacy violation. You cannot upload content that is libellous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, indecent, inappropriate, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusing, harassing, threatening, bullying or otherwise objectionable.

Q: How do I know if something is newsworthy?

A: If you find events around you interesting, funny, shareable or important there's a good chance that others will too. In the Byrd app, you can always take a look at relevant assignments, which you can find in the menu. It's a great place to discover what media deems newsworthy.Also, take a look at our blog for further pointers and tips on how to discover newsworthy events.

Q: How does the media contact me?

A: If a journalist or a media representative is in need of photos or videos close to your location they can contact you via an assignment or by sending you a message. 

Q: What should I write in my photo or video caption?

A: You should briefly explain what your photo or/and video is about.

Q: Am I credited when I publish the photos and videos?

A: Yes, you will be credited both for your photos and videos.

Q: How do I cancel my account?

A: If you wish to cancel your account, we'd be sad. But you can always cancel by writing to [email protected]. Don't forget to put your email and username in the subject field.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes from what I sell on Byrd?

A: The short answer is: Probably. Tax regulations differ from country to country and it is your responsibility to make sure you pay the taxes you are obligated to. If you have any doubts or queistions you should direct these to the local tax authorities or an accountant who can give you the advise. Byrd does not provide guidance when it comes to taxes.

If you are from Denmark, we have made a short article with useful links. You can find it by clicking here(opens in a new tab).

For the media

Q: How can my company use Byrd?

A: Your company can use Byrd by signing up on the web-application. A member of our team will contact you swiftly.

Q: How can my company contact the photographers?

A: The photographers can be contacted through the web application, where the companies are entitled to create assignments and/or send messages to the photographers.

Q: How can my company give an assignment to a photographer?

A: You should register on the Byrd web-application and create an assignment from there. Assignments can be sent to Byrd photographers within the specific or general geographical areas. When creating an assignment bear in mind that it can neither be defamatory nor encourage the unlawful behavior. Byrd maintains the right to remove an offensive or ethically inappropriate assignments.

Q: Can my company purchase the same photo or video?

A: Yes, if you purchase photos and videos by the non-exclusive rights. However, by the exclusive rights, only a single media is entitled to purchase content per country.

Q: Where can the media use the content bought on Byrd?

A: The media can only use the content for editorial purposes. Meaning that the use of the content should be in connection with the news events or should respond to the public interest. Apart from this, the content should be suitable for online media, TV-stations, web-TV, magazines, papers or other kinds of media outlets.
Bear in mind that the content cannot be used for commercial purposes, such as advertising, marketing or any other activities directly related to commerce.

Can my company find content from a city or a specific location?

Your company can search for the content by location, topic, keywords, hashtags, date, popularity and other common search methods. 



Q: How do I sell my photos and videos?

A: The moment you upload photos and videos through Byrd they are up to sale for different media. 

Q: How can I set the price for my piece?

A: You can decide the price yourself if you are selling your photo or video exclusively. The max price is 10.000 €. For verification and ownership purposes you can only sell your photo or video exclusively if you have captured it through the in-app camera. If you sell non-exclusively, the prices are based on our flat rate prices. You can always check them in the price list.

Q: How can I make money with Byrd?

A: When you publish your content on the Byrd platform it instantly becomes available for purchase for the media. You will receive a direct notification on your smartphone every time your photo or video is being purchased. Your account balance will be automatically updated on your profile.

Q: How does the media purchase my photos and videoes?

A: By transferring money to your Byrd stripe-account.

Q: How much do I get?

A: You are guaranteed to get 15  for a photo when selling non-exclusively. When you sell a video non-exclusively, you receive 30 €. If you sell exclusively and set the price yourself, Byrd will take 20% in commission.

Q: How much does Byrd get?

A: Prices may vary depending on who the buyer is. Byrd negotiates fees individually with the media. As for the photographers, we always guarantee a certain price on a non-exclusive sale. When media buy without a pre-negotiated deal with Byrd, they pay 25€ for a photo and 50€ for a video. The photographer always get 15€ for a non-exclusive photo and 30€ for a non-exclusive video. All discounts will only affect Byrd's commission. 

Q: How long do payments take before they are deposited on my account?

A: As soon as you have 50 € on your account, you can request a payout. It will take up to 7 business days for Stripe (our payment supplier) to transfer the money.

Q: Do I have to pay tax on Byrd’s earnings?

A: It differs from country to country, but the payment is considered taxable income in most countries. The photographer is solely responsible to ensure that all fees, taxes, VAT and other payments relating to a sale of a licence have thoroughly been paid.

Q: How can I withdraw my earnings?

A: The earnings from your sales are transferred to your stripe-account applied by the app as a means of payment. You can transfer money to your bank account by clicking on Cash Out but not until the balance reaches 50 


Q: What is the difference between non-exclusive and exclusive time limited license?

A: Non-exclusive license: The media pays a one-time fee to gain the right to use a specific piece of content. The content can be used by the media on a permanent basis.
Exclusive time-limited license: The media pays a one-time fee and gains an exclusive right to use a piece of content within a specific country for a period of twelve (12) months. The content in this category should be created through the Byrd application to enable geographical indication of the content.

Q: Who owns the right to photos and videos on Byrd?

A: All content on the platform is the property of the user, who uploaded the content and the content is protected by intellectual property laws. After a sale of a license, the user retains full rights and ownership of the Content, subject to the terms of the agreement between Byrd and the user.Publishing any content on the platform grants Byrd perpetual, revocable, transferable, sublicensable, worldwide royalty-free right to display and facilitate the sale of the license of any content available on the Byrd platform.

Q: How does Byrd prevent intellectual property theft and violation of rights?

A: We work with verification tools to make sure that no one but you can make money on your photos and videos. However, nothing is bullet proof and if you see something that does not belong on Byrd, that violates yours or anyone else's rights, please use the report function by emailing [email protected] the relevant information.

Q: What happens if my work is maldistributed?

A: If your content has been used for anything not aligned with Byrd's terms & conditions, please write [email protected]. Please provide your username, email and relevant information on the issue.

If all other possibilities of resolving the issue have been exhausted, we have teamed up with Not Allowed – a legal company that is specialised in copyright infringement. In cases where the company is involved in Scandinavia, Byrd’s photographers will get a considerable discount.

See more about the cooperation with Not Allowed here.

Privacy and Security

Q: Why does Byrd want to know my location even when I'm not using the app? Doesn't this drain my battery? 

A: Byrd uses your location to deliver you assignments and to verify your photos and videos. Your location data is only shared anonymously with our trusted partners in order to give you the best possible experience with Byrd. You can always remove location access through the settings on your iPhone. If you decide to do this, Byrd will not work the way it's intended to.

By the way, battery draining is not a real thing and our app is very efficient. 

Q: How is my personal information protected?

A: Byrd is using technical and organizational measures to ensure appropriate protection of your personal data. Byrd's technical and organizational measures are updated on a regular basis.

Q: How are my photos and videos protected?

A: We automatically apply a watermark on all photos and videos on Byrd.

Q: How does Byrd handle privacy complaints?

A: You are entitled to file a complaint with a supervisory authority at any time. The Danish supervisory authority is the Data Protection Agency (in Danish "Datatilsynet") located on Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 Copenhagen, Denmark.

Q: How can I get a photo or video deleted from Byrd?

A: If you wish to have a photo or video taken down from Byrd, please write [email protected]. It takes up to 30 business days to have a photo or video deleted.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from mailing lists?

A: In the bottom of every email, you can choose to subscribe to the new emails or unsubscribe from the existing ones.

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