Say hello to our new & improved self

Emmy Richardsson

Say hello to our new & improved self

We’ve been busy Byrds here at the office. We've built and upgraded the app. Better, faster and more feature rich than ever. So, what’s all the fuss about?


Multiple photos

Our must requested feature - so here it is!

Sometimes one photo is not enough to show a situation or a story. That's why we have introduced albums. With our new app release, you can now shoot multiple photos of the same event and have them all collected in the same place. Just like an old school photo album, except you don't have to glue your photos to a piece of paper.  

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"Save for later"

Perfect function for those who are on the run

Perhaps you're in a hurry or your phone reception lets you down - don't sweat it! We introduced a "save for later" function which allows you to upload your content later on. 


Manual verification

The details are sooo important

If you take a photo or a video with your big bulky camera or you forgot to switch on location services, you can still show where your content was taken. Simply drop a pin from where you snapped your content. Simple as that.

Image uploaded from iOS


New sign-up flow

Becoming a Byrd has never been easier

We thought it was time to change things up a bit, so we made our sign-up flow prettier and easier to use. In fact, it’s so crisp and beautiful that you may wish it  never ended. But thankfully it does.. Shortly!



We believe these features will benefit our photographers and media partners. With multiple photos it will be easier to tell vivid visual stories. Manual verification will make it much easier for media to discover content in their area. The new sign-up flow will definitely make it smoother to join Byrd.

That's it for now, but it's definitely not it for good. We have some very exciting news coming just around the bend.


Get in quick and update your Byrd app here and while you’re there - make sure to leave a review so we know what you think about our new and improved self.

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