Byrd x Hallifornia

Emmy Richardsson

Byrd x Hallifornia

The California of Sweden, Surf City, the Swedish surfing capital - Varberg definitely is the Santa Cruz of Scandinavia. There is no better spot for an action sport festival than Varberg, and since Varberg is located in Halland, there is no better name than Hallifornia


This year marks the sixth year of Hallifornia and the festival just keeps on growing. During these three days the city of Varberg gets packed with people hungry to see all kinds of action sports, participate in workshops and dance to what seems to be an never ending summer night.


Win tickets to Surfers Corner

During the festival, Byrd will have a lounge for you to hang out and get your phone charged. We will also be hosting a competition to showcase some our Byrd photographers’ best shots. By contributing to the two assignments “Moments of Hallifornia” and “Humans of Hallifornia”, guests can win prices.

So get ready to snap away the wakeboard competitions, and people cruising around on their longboards. The lucky winners get free tickets to the afterparty - where action sports get swapped out for some fine tunes and dancing.

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