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About us

Providing powerful tools for photographers and news media

The original and raw concept of Byrd was invented on a flight from London to Cape Town. It took us a second to imagine, a few hours to draft, a year to refine and a little more than eight months to build. In January 2017 we made our idea, vision and product into a company.

Byrd was founded by journalist and tv-reporter Mikkel Westphal Stephensen, project manager and media advisor Morten Westphal Stephensen and digital consultant and full stack developer Christian Thiesen.

Our vision is to innovate and empower storytelling by providing photographers and media outlets with powerful tools in order to get the best truthful news coverage possible. 

That's why we strive to make a platform where it’s easy, enticing and worthwhile for anyone to help media cover the news. We firmly believe Byrd can help bring real stories to life that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day.

Along with Byrd’s photographers and our customers we can bring user-generated content to the next level. We help distributing and verifying photos and videos from all over the world, so journalists can turn them into news stories.

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