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The eyes and ears on the ground

No one can be everywhere all the time. Not even big news corporations. But sometimes you find yourself in the right place at the right time to witness something funny, extraordinary, interesting or something you think is important news. Byrd is for those times. They happen every day when we are on the lookout.

Get deployed

All around the world

Whether you are in Melbourne or Montreal, Santiago or Singapore you are already deployed. That is why you make a great asset for newsrooms. Maybe there is a story just around the block you do not know about. Luckily, media can inform you through Byrd. They can ask for your help. The rest is up to you.


You got the power

It is dead simple. When you shoot or record through Byrd your content is instantly uploaded and verified. You can decide what your work is worth and sell it exclusively. Or you can go with Royalty Free rights and sell you photo or video many, many times.


Assignments to your smartphone

If something is going on in your area, media outlets can ask for your assistance. You can provide photos and videos and get paid for what they decide to use.


Your perspective matters

Community is the cornerstone. We want to build a platform you love. You can share your work on other social media platforms. You can follow other users and they can follow you. You can flag, upvote or comment photos and videos. You can chat and collaborate with fellow users or talk to journalists from news outlets all over the world.



Become an Early Byrd

Well, we are not quite ready for launch yet! The Byrd team is coding their little wings off to bring you Byrd as soon as possible. But we need your feedback in order to make Byrd truly amazing, so we are looking for early beta users to help us develop Byrd. Interested? Sign up here and we'll send you an invitation. We can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Our latest blog posts

The tsunami that hit fourteen Asian countries in 2004, the story of Captain Chesley Sullenberger who in 2009 safely steered an Airbus 320 to ditch in the Hudson River and the Arab Spring which began in 2010 are three very different stories. But all of them had a huge impact on newsrooms all over the world.

You CAN get great video shots on an iPhone or any modern smartphone. Just ask the crew behind the Sundance favorite of 2015, Tangerine. All of it was filmed on an iPhone 5S. A lot has changed since 2015 - for the better. The iPhone is more and more capable. The model 7 records in 4K and the 7+ has two lenses so you for once can do actual zoom. The photos and videos in this tutorial are all from handheld shots on iPhone. 

So what's the best way of getting great shots out of your smartphone? Here are five tips.

When the CIA gets an intel they always want eyes and ears on the ground to verify. I got that info from the show “Homeland”, so it’s not a verified source. Journalists want the same. The more eyes and ears on the ground the better. And this comes from a verified source. Actually from several verified sources.

But in the age of fake news and in the age of social media it’s hard to tell who speaks the truth.

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